International students who meet the requirements specified by the University, can apply for the international student quota at Biruni University.

Please note that admissions are determined on a first-come, first-served basis, and no further admissions can be accepted once the limit has been reached.


How to Apply:

Please complete the application form via this link:

When the completed form is received, you will be informed about the next steps.


Required Documents for Final Registration:

1- Original High School Diploma,

2- Original Transcript,

3- Passport,

4- Language Proficiency Certificate for Turkish- B1 level (for Turkish programs)

    Language Proficiency Certificate for English- TOEFL over 75 (for English programs)

5- Residence permit (if available) or Copy of your “Mavi Kart”* (If available)

   *It is applicable to students who were Turkish citizens by birth but have ceased to be Turkish citizens.

6- The receipt for first installment tuition fee.

7- Equivalency Certificate* (If you have not studied in a Turkish high school)

*The Equivalency Certificate is a document issued by the Turkish Ministry of Education or the Embassies from your home country which proves your education is equivalent to the educational standards in Turkey.

! Obtaining an Equivalency Certificate for your high school diploma is MANDATORY in  order to complete your registration. You cannot register to the University without it.


   Accommodation: If you need our help in finding an accommodation, please notify us in advance.


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