Erasmus Statement Policy (2021-2027)

Biruni University, with an aim to find and train our country’s next generation of Birunis, took its place within the Turkish system of higher education as a civil corporation after the Dünya Education Foundation applied to the Turkish Grand National Assembly according to Law number 6525 on 27 February 2014.

The vision of Biruni University is to achieve an international excellence in education and research by being an innovative leading health university that is accepted as such in Turkey and the world of education, research and services. With this vision in mind, the University has been continuously expanding the number of its international agreements. The University’s main aim is to educate and train the health care providers of the future who can make a difference in every aspect of the health field, create innovations and use new discoveries in order to serve humanity.

The mission of Biruni University is to provide information in the field of health and health science and researching the needs of the society and bear responsibility for its implementation.

We are student-focused institution, respectful to the community values and differences, and we strive to provide education and services in accordance with the world standards. Our participation in the new Erasmus period (2021-2027) with our vision and mission will contribute to our existing corporate internationalization and modernization strategy. After award of the ECHE, we will plan to implement Erasmus program in the light of the fundamental principles drawn by the European Commission and also Turkish National Agency. In this new term, access and diversity perspective will reflect our stance implementing our projects and their mobilities.

If applicable, please describe your institution’s strategy for the organisation and implementation of international (EU and non-EU) cooperation projects in teaching and training in relation to projects implemented under the Programme.


Universities and various networks by setting new collaborations with the regions that HEI’s contracted throughout Europe & All around the world. The next stage (international strategy) includes building partnership with European and non-European Universities. Contents were made suitable and adaptation process was provided with a Bologna process. Each department of Biruni University should increase number of bilateral agreements signed every year. One of the priorities is to accomplish student, faculty and staff exchange to advance international experience. Biruni University’s main objective is to internationalize the institution by Erasmus and other exchange programs.

Biruni University outline the non-discrimination objectives (gender equality, incorporation of disabled student and staff and enrichment of social and economic cohesion and encounters). These objectives are highlighted in line with the rules decided and implemented by the University main bodies.

Namely, based on our Erasmus experiences, our institution, which is a new university, has 49 departmental agreements from 15 different countries and 22 bilateral agreements (MoU-Memorandum of Understanding) with non-European countries in line with its goals with the first charter it received in 2015. With the new term Erasmus program, we would like to achieve expand its international mobility and to gain international growth in the fields of health education and research, to increase the international contacts and multiply the agreements with international institutions. With an Erasmus program our modernization strategy and building a European Education area is to bring successful students to our university, to support them and to reward their successes, to carry out national and international accreditation for the necessary programs together with institutional accreditation, to provide the highest quality education with qualified lecturers at the new health branches to provide training in all the healthcare professions our country needs.

Please explain the expected impact of your participation in the Programme on the modernisation of your institution (for each of the 5 priorities of the Modernisation Agenda) in terms of the policy objectives you intent to achieve.

After 2020 Erasmus will not only bigger, but also better than ever: more inclusive, more accessible and more international. The motto is “Enriching lives, opening minds”. Erasmus will provide increased support to all education and training sectors as well as to the youth and sport sectors.

Our modernization objectives includes all type of exchange with based on various channels. Our students expand their mind and gain experiences.

Biruni University aim to implement different projects in different fields with collaboration other countries. Biruni University emphasize undergraduate/graduate students and the teaching staff from different European countries with International programmes and other projects. The University has already taken part in a lot of Projects supported by TUBITAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey), Life Long Learning Programme, Erasmus and other programs.

Biruni University curriculum modified and improved by Bologna process. As Biruni University that new born institution play an active role in this process with obtain ECTS and Diploma Supplement Labels which are all necessary requirements in all modern universities all around the world.

Our main aim to support student life after graduation with possible benefits of this cultural exchange. It is not only exchange program, it is a part of participants’ life in a common sense and also the mobilities will help our institution to modernize as a whole.