Erasmus Statement Policy (2014-2020/2021)

The vision of  Biruni University is to achieve an international excellence in education and research  by being an innovative leading health university that is accepted as such in Turkey and the world of education, research and services. With this vision in mind, the University has been continuously expanding the number of its international agreements. Biruni’s international mobility activities are coordinated  by the Office of International Relations and university-wide committee of departmental Exchange Coordinators. 

The University’s main aim is to educate and train the health care providers of the future  who can make a difference in every aspect of the health field, create innovations and use new discoveries in order to serve humanity.

The purpose of Biruni University is to be a thematic university that will provide high quality and originality in the field of health (including interdisciplinary branches), to perform researches providing a solution on Turkey’s health issues, to raise high quality researchers and academicians who can create added value and contribute to the vision of Biruni University for the year of 2023 by focusing on AR-GE in the field of health and contribute to the production within the framework of the needs of the country.

Biruni University achieved its academic activities for the  academic year of  2014-2015 with six  Faculties and one Health Services Vocational School. Currently there are about 150  international students from over 12 countries. 

Appearing among the foundation universities, Biruni University received inspiration from Turkish scientist Ebu Reyhan Al-Biruni who wrote his name as “Universal Genius” in the history of world science and more specifically in the field of  Medicine, Pharmacy, Astronomy, Mathematics, Physics, Geography and History.

The mission of Biruni University is to provide information in the field of health and health science and researching the needs of the society and bear resonsibility for its implementation. We are student-focused institution, respectful to the community values and differences, and we strive to provide education and services in accordance with the world standarts.

With Turkey’s increasing involvement in the Erasmus program just like various universities, Biruni University’s aim is to expand its international mobility and to gain international growth in the fields of health education and research, to increase the international contacts and multiply the agreements with international institutions, universities and various networks by setting new collaborations with the regions that HEI’s contracted throughout Europe.

Our target is to bring the most successful students to our university, to support them and to reward their successes, to carry out national and international accreditation for the necessary programs together with institutional accreditation, to provide the highest quality education with qualified lecturers at the new health branches to provide training in all the healthcare professions our country needs.

Biruni University  strives  to eliminate any  cultural, social and racial differences and prejudices that may arise during communication and interaction between people within the University and globaly.

Erasmus Student mobility gives the opportunity of studying abroad  which enables a wide network of exchange partners and professional student support which serves to improve the international experiences of the students. With the help of Erasmus partnerships, we expect the mobility of staff and students to increase at Biruni University along with the participation in European cooperation projects.

Biruni University has been granted the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) (2014-2020) on 2015, on initial application, thus gaining international recognition and success.

Students who fulfill the necessary requirements determined by the University for Erasmus + KA1-Student Mobility, have the right to apply for the program after they have completed their first year of studies at the University.

Biruni University collaborates with other universities and higher education organizations to promote high academic standards and enhance the variety of its students. The University aims to increase the number of institutional collaborations with international universities, research centers and research networks and to ensure their sustainability in the future.