Staff Mobility for Teaching

 Call for 2017-2018 Academic Year ERASMUS+ Staff Mobility for Teaching

Dear Faculty Members,

We would like to inform you that the Office of International Relations is hereby announcing a call for applications of Staff Mobility for Teaching for the academic year 2017-2018.  Erasmus+ provides teaching opportunities for full time/part time staff members of Biruni University.


To be able to participate in Teaching Staff Mobility, your Department/Faculty/Institute must have a valid agreement with the partner university you intend to visit. If your requested university is not our partner yet, there is a possibility to conclude a new Erasmus+ agreement for the teaching mobility. This process can take some time. Therefore, we advise you to contact your Department’s/Faculty’s/Institute’s Erasmus Coordinator or our Office of International Relations to initiate the procedure for signing a new agreement at an early stage.



To participate in this programme you must be a full-time/part-time faculty member at Biruni University.

Every academic member has a right to participate for the Erasmus programme.


Selection Criteria for Academic Staff:


If there is any more applications than funding, the applicants will be reviewed and selected by the Biruni University’s committee with priority given on the following areas: 


1) Priority is given to the academic staff who established the bilateral agreement of the faculty.

2) Current Erasmus Institutional/Faculty/ Department Coordinator

3) Applicants who have bilateral agreements of his/her department

4) Applicants who have an invitation from the host university. 

5) Earlier applications will have a priority to be selected among applicants having the same criteria.



The minimum duration of Teaching Staff Mobility must last a minimum of 2 days and maximum of 2 months, excluding travelling time. The teaching activity must comprise a minimum 8 hours.

All faculty members who wish to take part in this Staff Mobility for Teaching should send the application form, via e-mail, the names of the partner university and the academic unit they wish to visit, including the expected dates of their visit, to or no later than Monday, November 27 2017.

We advise the planned mobilities should be finalized by this academic year.


Official letters of invitation from the partner universities and approved teaching programmes, which are submitted to our Office before the date above, will also be taken favourably into account.


Please visit the link below for more information about Erasmus+ in Turkish; (Pages 28-37)

or visit Office of International Relations for information of regarding partners, Erasmus coordinators, sample of documents and other related issues.

The amount of support provided per day and per country is determined by the Turkish National Agency ( To increase the number of participants, Biruni University funds mobilities for at most seven days, two of which may be used for travelling.

In order to get travel allowance, participants must travel one day before their teaching mobility starts and leave one day after their teaching mobility ends. If travel days will be included in the grant, relevant documents such as boarding pass, bus/train tickets, stamps on the passport must be submitted upon return.

It is participant’s own responsibility to arrange their own accommodation, visa application and travel insurance (if necessary). Staff can participate in the mobility without any grant. In order to benefit, they must still apply.

We hope you have a nice exchange experience!


With best regards,

Office of International Relations