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How to Apply?

    How to Apply?

    Future International Students should submit their application as follows:

    1. The applicant should fill in the online application form (a hardcopy can be obtained by email upon request)
    2. The applicant should upload required documents to the online application form. In urgent cases, you can reach us
    3. The required documents for Undergraduate Applications are:
      • Photocopy of high school diploma (with the official transcript)
      • All High school Transcripts/Grades (last 4 high school years)
      • Passport photocopy
    4. 2 photographs
    5. Blue Card and Certificate of Identity Register Copy
    6. If available, a record of scores for one English Language Competency Examinations (for example TOEFL or Cambridge Certificate) . The English Language requirements are detailed below.

    The English Language requirement:

    The medium of instruction at Biruni University is English, therefore the students’ English proficiency will be evaluated as follows:

    1. If the future international student had obtained a sufficient score from one of the following English Language Competency Examinations, Then the student will be exempt from the ‘English Preparatory Program’ for one academic year at Biruni University:
      • TOEFL IBT: Minimum Score 79
      • TOEFL CBT: Minimum Score 203
      • TOEFL PBT: Minimum Score 537
      • Certificate of Extended Education (CEE): 2 (NQF Level) – Grades I-II
      • ACT (American College Testing) : Minimum Score 24
      • International Baccalaureate (IB Diploma Program) A1 and A2 Syllabi – 2 (NQF Level) minimum score 5
    2. If the future international student  did not obtain a sufficient score from one of the English Language Competency Examinations, or did not take any test, then the student will be required to take the Biruni University – English Exemption Test (EET/IMS) upon arrival/registration.
    3. Those who fail the Institutional Exemption Test must register to the English Preparatory Program at Biruni University before beginning their academic studies. This preparatory year is not included in the total number of years of study required for graduation. The annual tuition fee for the English Preparatory Program is 6000 USD (taxes included).

    Applications’ deadline and processing time:

    The International Relations Office at Biruni University is always working on processing and evaluating students’ applications within a short time span.

    Applications’ deadline is set to August-end regarding fall-semester applications. Future international students are required to submit their applications as soon as their official documents are ready.

    The students who haven’t graduated from High-school and who want to send their application early and during their senior/last year of high school, can do so as follows:

    • The evaluation will be done over the complete high school transcripts (3 or 4 years) and if accepted will be issued a ‘Conditional Acceptance Letter’.
    • Once the student has graduated and obtained the high-school diploma with the corresponding official transcripts, the student should forward these last documents to the International Relations Office to issue the ‘Final Acceptance Letter’.

    The Registration Procedure:

    After evaluation and if the application is accepted, the International Relations Office will forward the ‘Acceptance Letter’ to the international student.

    The ‘Acceptance Letter’ will be used to obtain the ‘Education Visa’ at the closest Turkish Embassy or Consulate from the student’s home/residency country.

    Once the ‘Education Visa’ is granted, the student is required to proceed with the registration with the Student Affairs Office at Biruni University, by providing the following original documents :

    1. Original High School Diploma (in English or Turkish) – (Apostilled)
    2. Original High School Transcript (In English or Turkish) – (Apostilled)
    3. Original Passport
    4. Tuition fee bank receipt
    5. Passport size Photos
    6. if available, a certified copy of an English proficiency test (TOEFL, BIRUNI EET…)

    The High-School Diploma Equivalency

    This is an easy procedure where the Provincial Department of Education in Istanbul (and in some cases a Turkish Embassy/Consulate) will provide the ‘Equivalency Letter’ (in Turkish ‘Denklik Belgesi’) certifying that the foreign High-School diploma is equivalent to its counterpart, the Turkish high school diploma.
    This document is delivered by applying in person and providing the original foreign high school -diploma, its official Turkish translation and the student’s passport.

    * According to the decision of the Turkish Council of Higher Education dated 16/11/2015, Turkish Universities can only admit international students once a year. Therefore there is only one intake which is Fall of each academic year. Change of department or re-entry applications can only be accepted for the next Fall term.

    * Maximum period of studies ;

    • English Preparatory Program : 2 years
    • Undergraduate Programs : 7 years

    Student who fail to complete their studies within the above mentioned time periods will loose their student status.

    Please contact International Relations Office for further information.

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