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Residence Permit

    Residence Permit

    “Residence Permit Document” is a document you are required to obtain in cases where you have entered into Turkey in a legal way and you do not have any other kind of legal stay right.

    Applications for the Student Residence Permit should be made within the first month of your arrival in Turkey.

    You can make your online appointment application using through the following link.

    How to apply for a residence permit?

    Below you may find all the requirements to obtain a Student Residence Permit:

    • Passport photocopies (main pages + last entrance stamp)
    • Student Certificate in Turkish (can be obtained from Student Affairs Office)
    • Valid Health Insurance
    • (4) biometric photographs (The photograph that will be used for the residence permit transactions must be biometric and taken according to the ICAO standards within the last six months.)
    • Receipt of the Application Form (can be obtained after the application is made)
    • Consent Letter + Birth Certificate (Only for the applicants under 18 – Translated & Notarized)*
    • E- İkamet application form
    • Photocopy of residence permit if it was given before
    • Address Declaration Document (Address declaration signed by student and a document including student’s address)

    *Consent Letter & Birth Certificate are not mandatory if you have a student visa or your parents are living here in Turkey, with a valid residence permit.

    After Submitting the Application:

    Upon completing these steps and handing in your complete documents, the Residence Permit Specialist will deliver your documents to the Immigration Office on your behalf.

    The process takes between 2-3 months, so kindly remain calm and be patient for an update from the Immigration Office. During the waiting time, you must not travel outside Turkey, until you receive your Residence Permit Card. In case of an emergency, to enter Turkey again, you must re-apply for a visa to enter. Moreover, your application will be cancelled.

    At the time when your Residence Permit Card is ready, it will be delivered via PTT (the governmental Turkish Postal Carrier). You will receive a text message as well as a tracking number to track the whereabouts of your card from the PTT Website.

    Your card will be delivered to the International Office. You will be notified via a text message from the Postal Office when you are able to collect it.

    Receiving Your Residence Permit:

    All Students Residence Permits arriving at the university will be delivered to the International Office and we will notify students via email. Each student must collect his/her own card from the International Office following the notification.

    When your Student Residence Permit arrives at the International Office from PTT and the university mailroom, the International Office personnel will make a copy of it and enter your information on Higher Education Council’s database called YÖKSİS.

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